Product Disclaimers

Patch Test Recommended For All Skincare Products:

A patch test is a way of checking to see whether your skin will react to new products like cosmetic soaps, exfoliants or moisturizers. A patch test is the safest, most common way to check for a variety of allergies. Although our products are made with Natural Quality Ingredients, there is no guarantee that someone will not be allergic as all skin types are not all the same.

Please be sure to read all ingredients before purchasing. Prior to usage, perform a small patch test (description listed above). Prissaholic Skincare Collection is NOT responsible for any allergic reactions, inflammation, discomfort, irritations, discolorations and/ or damages that may occur while using any product. If you notice any irritation while performing the patch test or after using any products, please discontinue use.


Body Scrub Disclaimer

  • Body Scrub DISCLAIMER: Prissaholic‘s sugar body scrubs are heavily infused with natural, organic, essential oils to ensure moisture inside the products. To ensure safety while using this product, PLEASE USE CAUTION WHILE APPLYING SCRUB TO LEG AND FEET AREAS. Due to the oils in this product, scrubs may cause your tub/shower floor to be slippery. Do not eat products. Do not place product inside vaginal area. Do not use on irritated skin.
  • (FDA has not approved any statements. This product does not validate diagnosis nor treat, cure or prevent any type of diseases)